•  A poetic journey through the unique territory and virgin forests of Romania  •

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Romania has the most unique biodiversity and virgin ecosystem in Europe. However, its forests are threatened by illegal deforestation and a lack of conservation awareness.

Romania is the last country of Europe dealing with existing Virgin Forests. This treasure is not even known and understood by most of its people.

We had the chance to meet an uncountless number of people and smiles while explaining our project and asking permission to capture images. 

The corruption is still very present in Romania and the wood industry took advantage of the public lands and propertities at the end of Communism. 

Our aim is to inspire change. To encourage conservation and good actions for all forms of life. To collaborate with passionate people, with hard-working leaders that want to make of this world a better place.

We want to take advantage of the power of storytelling and filmmaking to raise awareness about the importance of their conservation. 

But also;

♥ Remind the romanian people themselves the beauty of their territory, the abundance of cultural and natural treasures and the power they have in their hands in order to keep this unique habitat alive for their children.

♥ Show the European people the luck and duty they got. Europe is a country of wonders and dreams. Our differences are our biggest strenght. We must open the eyes about what it is to be saved and protected right now.

♥ In the largest scale, show to the world one exemple of mission we must all focus on, coming back to realise the gratitude we got for Nature itself. By taking our viewers to unique corners of this country, we want to rescue an ancient human-nature relationship.

A connection that, today, seems to be lost. 





May 4 2017

Virgin forests — also known as old-growth, primeval, or even ancient woodlands— have the distinction of being very old and nearly untouched by humans. They are rare, in that much of our world’s forests have been razed one or even several times. Virgin forests exhibit unique ecological features such as species richness, wilderness, conservation value, and resilience.

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May 11 2017

L’équipe internationale Volod Hendrix Media Production a décidé de produire, d’écrire, de réaliser et de diffuser un film visant à sensibiliser le public à la préservation de la biodiversité des forêts vierges de Roumanie, aussi appelées « poumon de l’Europe ».

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May 13 2017

International media production team VolodHendrix are fundraising through kickstarter to film Virgo, a documentary which will take viewers on a trip across Romania’s virgin forests. The documentary will explore about 4,000 kilometres in 70 different locations to showcase Romania’s unique biodiversity which is important for the whole of the European continent and indeed the world.

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June 26 2017

Elle est Française, il est Roumain, ils se sont rencontrés en Norvège, lors de leur voyage Erasmus en 2015. Toujours amoureux, mais plus étudiants, Lise et Vlad travaillent aujourd’hui ensemble sur un projet vidéo.

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July 27 2017

La Roumanie abrite la plus grande surface de forêts vierges d’Europe. Mais ces forêts ont perdu en quelques décennies des centaines de milliers d’arbres coupés illégalement pour alimenter le marché du bois. Un fléau que Volod Hendrix, une équipe de jeunes réalisateurs, a décidé de mettre en lumière dans son futur documentaire : VIRGO.

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   January 04 2019

Voyage contemplatif et poétique au cœur des forêts vierges de Roumanie, le documentaire Virgo nous rappelle que les derniers poumons verts de l’Europe sont aujourd’hui menacés de déforestation. Les deux réalisateurs Lise Hendrix (Française) et Vlad Sacaleanu (Roumain) seront présents à la première diffusion française du film, samedi 5 janvier, à Paris. Interview.
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January 08 2019

Deux jeunes réalisateurs, Lise Hendrix et Vlad Săcăleanu, ont réalisé un périple de 5.500 kilomètres au coeur des dernières forêts vierges de l’Europe, en Roumanie. Un voyage qui leur a permis de réaliser VIRGO, un documentaire immersif qui alerte sur la déforestation dont ces forêts sont victimes.
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Serile Filmului Romanesc AVANT-PREMIERE // 9 JUNE 2018 Iasi, Romania  PREMIERE // 21 – 24 JUNE 2018 Tulcea, Romania

Filmul de Piatra SPECIAL SCREENING // 12 – 15 JULY 2018 Piatra Neamt, Romania

Asociatia STUP – Social Trading Urban PlaceUleiosul – GREEN DAY EVENT// 14 JULY 2018 HUBRICA Iasi, Romania

Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival (ZIEFF) – SELECTION// 10 AUGUST 2018 – Romania

Taratsa International Film Festival – SELECTION // 22 AUGUST 2018 – Thessaloniki, Greece

SHORT to the Point – SELECTION // 13 SEPTEMBER – Bucharest, Romania


ZERO PLUS International Film Festival – SELECTION // 1 – 7 OCTOBER 2018 Tyumen city, Siberia

Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival – SELECTED // 6 OCTOBER 2018 – Sassari, Sassari

China International Green Film Week – SELECTED // 10 OCTOBER – Beijing, China

GNG Green Earth Film Festival – SEMI FINAL // 19 – 21 OCTOBER 2018 – Los Angeles, USA

Docuart Fest – SELECTED //  6 NOVEMBER, 2018 – Bucharest, Romania

Volda University College – STUDENT PROJECTION // 8 DECEMBER 2018 – Volda, Norway

Ground Control – CULTURAL EVENT // 5 JANUARY 2019 – Paris, France




These beautiful Virgo hang bags were created with the help of REDU.
The funds we’ll get from those goodies will go directly in the Virgo project, helping us to cover the festivals fees in order to send our little movie all world around and spread more of Romania love and beauty !
Big Thank you to Ivan Dujmusic & Lise Hendrix for the Designs
If you are interested to get one of them, contact us !
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And get your set of Postcards from the Virgo project too!
The funds will go directly to the Virgo project as well.




Magnus – Digital Art
We invite you to hit the link of his Deviant Art page

Noemi Valentíny,  Pencil – Czech Republic
 Her work is on Tumblr :

Julia Torjak, our Hungarian artist from Norway
Stunning illustration of Cheile Turzii of Romania,
Find more of her work here :
& Instagram : @juliaphlox

Julia Torjak, Hungarian animator from Norway.
Discover more of her work here :
& Instagram : @juliaphlox

Julien Bisiaux alias Sciée Naine
His Page is focused on the French actuality 

Mariely Barboza  Venezuela and studies animation in Norway !
Digital Art.
Here is her facebook page with some of her video work :




The project is launched by the organisation of the same name VIRGO and the Volod Hendrix team


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