Born in Romania, Vlad (Volod) changed his path from a dedicated sport pistol shooter to a Filmmaker. His passion for cinema hunts him since childhood and now he has the chance to transpose all his accumulated visions through lm and video production. Everything started from his decision to start an Advanced Media Production Master in Norway. There, his motivation and new passion for film made him combine two kinds of shooting: – for Film & for sport – He aims to destroy deep-rooted stereotypes through cinematic projects, working together with Lise Hendrix for their Media Production Company and Foundation where their goal is to advance in lm industry and change the minds with their future films


Lise Hendrix was born in the North of France. In 2015 she graduated from her Home town Fine Art School and decided to y to Norway, for one year of Media Production studies. Lise started working with images through Photography. She learned and practices the techniques of Analogue Photography during her Bachelor Degree in Arts and she is self-educated on Digital Photography. Since then she was called to return in Norway to run workshops with Norwegians and International Students. Her film-making studies in Norway introduced her to the art of motion picture as another way of playing with images – and ever since she hasn’t stopped creating.
With her experience shooting and co-directing in the
Volod Hendrix media team, she brings creativity and visual integrity to her projects.

We carry around a third eye to all the places we visit and work for. And through it we invite you to see the world more alive, more soulful, more cheeky, more free.

Coming from two different countries with two different educations and cultures, we cover both sides of the moon. And when combined, our visions result in a clearer image of the world and life.
We whisper the stories through motion pictures with a different angle, more unique and unexpected, with much attention to detail and super focus on emotion.
And because music rules our worlds as well, we usually collaborate with local artists for a deeper impact on screen.

We dare you to look through our filter of yin and yang.

Our Favorite Topics:

Environment, Self-Sustainbility, Natural Food, Climate Change/Pollution, Yoga, Zero Waist, Alternative Medicine, All forms of Green Actions…
Stereotype-killers !