Everything you know portraits a Professional Pistol Shooter’s experience and his search of ultimate focus.

Director/Editor – Lise Hendrix
Sound Operator – Nick Best
Producer – Helene Fossli
Producer/Interview – Marie Lytomt Norum
Shooter – Vlad Sacaleanu


“…I was here”
One year spent in Norway, between Reality and Dreamland
Camera : Nikon D7000
Music by Eric Vinje,
his soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/erik-vinje-1
©VLD HDX 2016

There is ‘time’ to meditate nowadays?
We propose to start your meditation with our short video filmed in Norway.

Music: Tetsu Inoue – Low of Vibration
Sony FS-5, Nikon 7100, Nikon 5300,

©VolodHendrix 2017

When Lise felt asleep on the forest’s moss in Norway, she had a very short dream.
This is her dream :
Meeting a SoulMate and Discovering a New Country.

A dedicated artist forsakes the decaying society in order to find his muse.

Directed by: Vlad Sacaleanu
Director of Photography: Lise Hendrix

Writen by: Ivan Dujmusic
Lise Hendrix
Vlad Sacaleanu
The Artist: Ivan Dujmusic
The Muse: Lise Hendrix
Music composed and played by Ivan Dujmusic

Nikon D5300 with Sigma 1.8, 18-35mm
Nikon D7000 avec Sigma1.4, 20mm

©VolodHendrix 2016

A Web Series created by students of Volda University College / Advanced Video Production course in Volda, Norway 2016.

Anhedonia, Episode 1 – Hello Control

Executive Producers: Jon Harman, Dag Roland

Director: Lasse Leonhardsen
Producer: Øystein Wiborg Karlsen
Writer: Lise Hendrix
First Assistant Director: Anya Boyd Heen
Director of Photography: Lise Hendrix
Sound: Samarth Madhusudan Rao
Editor: Anya Boyd Heen


Anhedonia, Episode 3 – Lost and Found

Executive Producers: Jon Harman, Dag Roland

Director: Vlad Sacaleanu
Producer: Lille-Marte Apelseth
Writer: Caroline Marconini Sommer
Director of Photography: Andreas Solbakken
Sound: Caroline Marconini Sommer
Editor: Andreas Solbakken
Original Score by Erik Vinje