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Three friends embark in a journey from the North of Europe to the South of India
to uncover different aspects of the global waste crisis.


3 millennial from 3 different countries throw light on three different kind of waste;
Plastic, Food & Fashion.

What is Waste in Peace ?

Waste in Peace is a documentary film to explore and raise awareness on the current state of Waste management systems and Waste opinions of the World, through the vision of 3 countries: Norway, Romania and India.

We are exploring this project as an Artyvisual journey through the current schemes and technologies, unexpected discoveries and hopefull conversations available to us through our encounters and researches.

Taking you into the world of Waste as never before.
An experience that will make you recycle your deepest assumptions about the world we live in.

Why is this film important?

We are 3 Young Filmmakers coming from 3 very different countries with 3 very different growth and waste management systems.
However We are people of the World first and the time is running for the future generations to be given a chance to even live.

We all suffer from a lack of conservation awareness.
And we believe it’s time to change this!

By making this Film, we want to inspire people to look at their own plate, take care of nature and give them a voice to act.

We want to shine a light on the issue, and bring conservationists and nature-lovers altogether to stand up for our planet.


EUROPE requires that at least 50% of municipal waste be recycled or reused by 2020

Tones of Food Waste dumped in Norway in 2016


of all Romania’s waste end up in the Landfill

the world’s largest
producer of
Textiles and Garments.

  Pilot Video Presented/Pitched


   Filmul de Piatra – Out of Competition // July 2019 – Romania

   WENIFF Film Festival – SELECTED // 25 October 2019 – Ålesund, Norway